So, you want to set the mood for an evening of peace, serenity, harmony, seduction, or make a dinner presentation a bit more memorable? Our aromas are like magic! For example, Lure Essence candles transport us away from modern life, filled with harsh fluorescent office light and the annoyance of electricity bills and return us to our serene, sensual and even primal nature thanks to the interplay between scent and attraction.
Imagine feeling calm and relaxed while the body heals and the soul illuminates.  Stress disappears and you and yours will feel invigorated, as our essential oils, candles and aroma beads bring a sense of elegance, tranquility and stability to your home.
Lure Essence uses only high-grade soy wax that is FDA approved and Kosher Certified. There are no chemicals or dyes. The wicks used in our candles are made of cotton and contain NO LEAD!